Monday, November 20, 2017

Smart Locks - Key pads - Combination Lock

Read our smart lock reviews to find the best smart locks so you know want to look for and avoid
when purchasing these new home improvement products. If you’re like us, then you feel it’s time to move beyond deadbolt locks and spring-loaded locks and switch to smart locks when considering door hardware and locks.
With smart home technologies continuing to grow in popularity, you may be ready to move from the idea of smart lighting systems and smart thermostats to best smart locks.
Similar lock technologies have proven popular with automobile owners, who rarely have to use an actual key to lock or unlock the car door. When you’re ready to make the move to this type of technology, read through our smart lock reviews to find the information you need to make a smart and safe choice.  Also, make sure to read our top smart home automation reviews to learn the do’s and don’ts of this emerging market category.

Smart locks are pieces of technology that allow you to lock and unlock a door using options beyond the traditional key and key hole.
You may be able to open a smart lock with a key pad where you’ll enter a numeric code, with a key fob where you’ll press a button, a fingerprint scan, or a RF, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi signal that automatically comes from your smartphone or key fob. You can check the status of the door and lock it remotely through an app, should you have forgotten to activate the lock when you left home. With some smart locks, you can even determine who has accessed the lock and at what time of the day.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 for a smart lock for your home. If you’re considering smart locks for business, you may end up spending more, depending on what types of features you want, such as individualized entry codes.

The August smart lock units look great and have plenty of cutting edge features, causing them to be featured in our best five smart locks list.
Some of the Yale smart lock options make use of Z-Wave and Zigbee technology, giving them compatibility with a variety of smart home systems that you can control through a smartphone app.
Kwikset smart locks look a lot like regular keyed locks, which some people appreciate. Other leading smart locks brands include Lockitron, Schlage, and Haven.

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